Christie Shary


International Vision

Christie Shary has always had a 'world vision;' one that obviously goes far beyond America's shores. From the time she was a young girl, her grandmother, Elizabeth Ann, and older brother, Gary, taught her about the lure of 'far away places with strange-sounding names;' about their culture and people. She yearned to see and experience them all.

In her quest to fulfill this dream, Christie has traveled to almost sixty countries around the globe. Not only does she travel the world with her husband, Tom, she takes along her pen and paper, her laptop and camera, as well. And because of this, her writing takes on a very authentic rainbow-colored world vision.

She has traveled from the snow-clad heights of the Himalayas, to the powdery white sand beaches of the South Pacific; the bazaars and ancient walled cities of Morocco and the Middle East and the pyramids of Egypt, to name a few. She's visited the jungles and plains of Africa to witness wildlife roaming free; her pen, notebook and camera always in hand. She has also explored the cobblestone streets of Europe; its museums, cafes and historial sights, such as Normandy and the Jewish concentration camps. She's hiked the footpaths of Britain and the Scottish Highlands, and felt the warmth and color of Mexico, Central and South America. She was fascinated with the ancient cultures of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, filled with temples and shrines. She's traipsed through the wild red Outback of Australia and climbed the Great Wall of China, and visited the Terracotta Soldiers of Xian. She's seen the rainbow-colored sights and sounds of India, including the Taj Mahal, and the temples of Japan and Korea. She's traveled throughout the Carribbean, and dined on jerk and fresh conch chowder; and she's traveled to almost every state in America. And she finds each and every place she goes to be special in its 'own way.'

She has seen and experienced so much. And, best of all, she loves to share her cultural and geographical experiences with her reader. For the novels, short stories, poetry and non-fiction works that she writes are a kaleidoscope of the world, one which brings her 'world vision' clearly to life.

Note: If you would like to read some 'international pieces' written by the author, you will find them both in the Poetry Section and the Non-Fiction Section, Traveler's Tales.

Meet the Author

One of many War Babies born in Salt Lake City, Utah in the late Forties, Christie grew up immersed in the nature and wildlife of this beautiful mountain state, a theme which is prevalent in many of her works.

She attended the University of Utah and received a BA in English, with minors in Reading and Middle Eastern Studies before attending the Graduate School of Education to earn her Secondary Teaching Credential.

Since she was always in love with books and words from the time she was a little girl, Christie always knew that she would not remain in the classroom teaching English for too long. She yearned to write books and to fulfill her world vision to see and experience as much of the world as she could. She's been traveling and writing every since, and has completed nine novels, three of which are published, along with short stories and non-fiction works. She has also worked as a professional writer for large Orange County, California companies.

She married her husband, Tom, a mechanical engineer, while in college, and together they had two sons, Shaheen Michael and Rahmeen Matthew, who are now both grown. One is a professional musician and composer, and the other has his own graphic design business and is an opera/Broadway music singer.

Once their nest was empty, Tom and Christie began exploring the world and have been doing so for the past thirty years. Thus far they've visited sixty countries and hope to continue adding to that list, and eventually visit at least one hundred.

They've also been fortunate enough to live in Mexico City for four years and London and the Netherlands for another four years, as well as Utah, California and Nevada, where they love to experience the great outdoors with their little Mexico City street dog, Lucky.

In addition to travel and writing, Christie's other passions include reading, skiing, camping and gardening. She currently resides in Dana Point, California with Tom and Lucky.