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A tale of murder, mystery, adventure, as well as historical fiction, all surrounding the disappearance of famous aviatrix, Amelia Earhart.

Thirty years after Amelia Earhart vanishes in the Pacific, Vincent Carlson, ex-CIA agent and designer of her spy plane, still searches for the answer to her disappearance. His obsession with A.E. shifts focus when Amelia Adams, a young, mysterious Amerasian woman, linked to A.E. by more than name, walks into his life. She spurs his passion, but accuses him of killing her father, Vincent's chief mechanic at Lockheed. Still, she is as determined as Vincent to solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart alongside him, even though she is unable to trust him.

Forced into an explosive liaison, their plight turns deadly when Ito, master spy and Vincent's enemy, spins a web of terror and treachery. Their search for the real killer of Amelia's father, as well as trying to solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart, takes them from Brisbane, Australia, to the Coral Sea, and Saipan. Each time they tighten the net, the killer cuts through it, thrusts Vincent and Amelia into peril. Each time they come close to solving the mystery of A.E.'s disappearance, they run into a dead end.

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Synergy Books


“Amelia is action-packed and a great story as well. There are many great elements in the plot, including romance, trials and tribulations, misunderstandings between friends, espionage, and a surprise at the end of the story. This great eBook is a tribute to the electronic format and may hook new readers into this new way of reading.” - Cynthia S. Arbuthnot, Word Weaving

“The fate of Amelia Earhart still captures the imagination. AMELIA by Harvey Mendez and Christie Shary picks up the story thirty years after the famous aviatrix vanished in the Pacific. The designer of her spy plane, Vincent Carlson, is obsessed with A.E and is still searching for the answer to her disappearance. The instant passion that flares between Vincent and Amelia Adams, a beautiful , mysterious, young Eurasian is complicated by her belief that Vincent killed her father, his chief mechanic at Lockheed. Each propelled by private motives, the pair fight their way through a tangle of fact, rumor and lies about A.E.'s fate all the way from Brisbane, through the Coral Sea, to Saipan. The theories about A.E.'s involvement with various spy agencies and about the complex dealings that culminated in the attack on Pearl Harbor are fascinating; the lovemaking on tropical islands and in lush tropical settings is steamy; and the action is fast moving and violent. Vincent's nemesis, the immoral, wily and exceedingly powerful Ito is a fitting villain. The December/May romance between the virile, stubborn Vincent and equally strong-willed and passionate Amelia has the ring of truth about it. The writing style is terse and lean. Indeed, at times, it was so lean that I wondered if I was reading notes about the action. The parallels between Amelia's predicaments and those of A.E. were well drawn although, occasionally, I found the vivid dream sequences interspersed with flashbacks a bit confusing. AMELIA is a page turner. It tells a powerful story of enduring loyalties, friendships and hatreds. Capably blended in with the mystery and the danger is the constant thread of a deepening love that will not be denied. ” - Dee Lloyd

“If you need some spice in your life, some quickening of the pulse, some need to "finish off" a few bad guys, let Mendez and Shary mesmerize you for a few exciting hours. Rediscover the settings of Amelia Earhart. Sail the waters of the Pacific to chase the ghost of AE and recover your zest for life.” - Pat Oplinger, Author and Educator

“"As I began to read the book "Amelia" I wondered which version of Amelia Earhart's demise I would be reading about. I was in for a surprise! As the dates came into focus after the prologue, I found myself reading of subterfuge that begins when Vincent Carlson (who has prior knowledge of Electra, the airplane Amelia Earhart flew) meets the daughter of Stan Adams, whom he suspects might have sabotaged the flight. She was named after the famed aviatrix, Amelia. The rumors that surround Amelia Earhart's disappearance are all well researched and fictionally enumerated. There is Tad Yamaguchi and Takao Ito as army intelligence agents as well as Dr. Keuhn who is also in the spying game, which takes us through Pearl Harbor. Anyone who served in the eastern theatre would find this interesting, as Emelia Earhart is being described as a pawn in the political aspects of that war era. We find Vincent and Amelia on Saipan Island, where they find pictures they believe is the wreckage of the Electra. This leads them deeper into trouble as they try to find the reason for AE's disappearance and why Amelia's father Stan was killed. Scenes of Amelia Earhart's being questioned by the Japanese are brought into young Amelia's mind. Is she the aviatrix's reincarnation? As the story is told through conversations, speculation rises as episodes emerge and dangers are overcome. Romance develops as Vincent and Amelia continue their journey to seek the truth. Someone is trying to stop them from finding this truth. Amelia's mother Joaquina wants the two to marry. The two are continually pursued by the secret society, as the love interest grows. And strange Mrs Garcia keeps popping up in this story of espionage. Who she is, is finally revealed, as she becomes even more dangerous. A must read for the Amelia Earhart buffs, especially for the surprise ending. ” - Virginia Elizabeth Clark


EPPIE Award Finalist 2005