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Lucky Dog - The True Story of a Little Mexico City Street Dog Who Goes 'International'

Told from the point of view of Lucky himself, Lucky Dog is the true story of a little Mexico City street dog who is adopted by an American family while living in Mexico; a dog who eventually ends up with more stamps in his passport than most Americans, and an 'admitted winner' of the Doggie Lotto.

And Lucky has quite the story to tell, from the day his adoptive parents find the scruffy little guy, starving and dying of pneumonia on the streets of Mexico City. For the next four years, Lucky experiences the colorful and fascinating culture of Mexico, such as 'Day of the Dead' and 'Felice Navidad,' celebrations, trips to a local orphanage and hikes up volcanic mountains. When his family is transferred back to California, Lucky goes right along with them, where he is absorbed in the 'cappuccino-sipping, BMW' crowd. Here he lounges at poolside and visits artist colonies and colorful harbors, and goes on many camping trips with his parents. But Lucky does not remain a beach bum for long, as the family is transferred again, this time to Europe, Lucky, of course, in tow. Here they discover life on the canals of Amsterdam and in the heart of London. For three years he explores much of Europe with his adoptrive parents, from the beer festivals in Germany to the historic beaches of Normandy, France. He romps through the tulip fields of Holland, the Scottish Highlands and the British countryside and even dines in pubs and fine French restaurants.

However, Lucky's life is not always on the 'travel circuit.' It leads him to more kennels than he can count, a bullet in his chest, and a battle with cancer. But Lucky lives up to his name and overcomes all odds, always considered winner of the 'Doggie Lotto' to all who meet him.

Not only is Lucky Dog a heart-warming, humorous, and unique dog story; it is also the story of love, survival and the meshing of many cultures. It's a story with so many facets that it can't help but capture the hearts of all those who read it. It's also book that can be compared to Marley and Me, Merle's Door-Lessons From A Freethinking Dog, and The Art of Racing in the Rain, all recent best-selling dog stories.

Published by:
Synergy Books


“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed this book. My mom read it to me. You see, I'm a golden retriever and not able to read very well. Lucky and I have human parents. I call mine Mom and Dad. He named his Mama and Papa. Lucky is a really smart dog to be able to write such a wonderful story about his life. His puppy days were awful. He was starved, sick, and lonely since he lost his mom and all of his brothers and sisters. He was about to die too when these nice people stopped, picked him up off the street, and took him to a wonderful home. He had good food, a nice dry bed, and now a family. I think that's why he says he won the Doggy Lotto that day. His story is interesting. He's traveled to other countries on a big plane. I'm not sure just what that is, never having been on one myself. Lucky told me it wasn't fun, but he enjoyed the new places where he lived. He didn't like all the rain in the one called England, cause he had to wear a thing call a yellow raincoat. He said it made him look silly and was a pain in the tail to put on. Lucky is my friend, a really smart dog, and... an author. ” - Gina Rugh, Golden Retriever


Fresh Voices Award Finalist, 2006