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Seasons of Love

An anthology of love stories, based on the four seasons of the year, each with its own special meaning and magic, Seasons of Love tells the stories of four strong and independent women, all living in the small town of Aspen Grove, Colorado.

Springs Fling, by Sherry Derr-Wille, tells the story of recently-widowed Spring, who discovers that life goes on and that new love can be found. For spring is a time of love and hope, of new life and celebration and Spring is determined to be part of it once more. So when she makes a joke about asking the Easter Bunny for a perfect man, she has no idea that her mother will use the opportunity to play matchmaker. She invites Wade Parker for dinner as Spring's Easter present. Does mother know best, or will this be just another disappointment for Spring?

Summer's Challenge, by Luanna Rugh, is the story of Summer Woods, who ends up leading a new life in the Witness Protection Program, complete with a new idenity and a different look after making a poor choice in her love life. The culprit-a crooked cop who is in on the take from drug busts who tries to murder her. In her new identy, Summer is determined to never find love again, until she meets up with when she relocates to Aspen Grove, Colorado. But will she be able to once again take a chance and twirl in the sunshine and frolic through the summer meadows with a new man? She's not so sure.

Autum's Blessing by Christie Shary, tells the story of Deidre McBride a young and pregnant Iraq War widow. She feels that her life is over until she becomes the patient of Dr. Jeremy Saunders, who cares for her and helps her in such a loving way that she is able to let go of the hurts and burdens that weigh her down and embrace a new life. She knows she must, at least for the sake of her unborn child. But she is still uncertain whether or not she will ever be able to love again, even though she knows that Jeremy is madly in love with her.

Winter's Song by Lorna Collins, is the heart-warming love story of Amy and Dan. Dan is trying to get over a horrible marriage with a drug-dependent wife and to raise his two young daughters alone. That is until he meets recent college graduate, Amy Miller, who just so happens to be in the same church musical. She eventually teaches him that there are new green shoots beneath the winter snow and that he must let them grow and discover a new and good life that has been hidden from him too long.

Published by:
Whiskey Creek Press