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Snowflake Secrets

Can a simple crocheted snowflake contain magic? The Sullivan sisters think so. For on a childhood Christmas Eve, their Great Aunt Maude gives a unique handmade snowflake to each of them, accompanied by a special poem:

Precious and beautiful
No two the same
Simple perfection
The Creator's aim.
Shining and shimmering
God's light in view
Wonderous creations
The snowflake and you.

Little did Great Aunt Maude know the impact her gifts would have upon her nieces' lives. Their stores are told in this new anthology.

For Allegra, the eldest, her snowflake helps her cope with a loveless marriage, divorce, and their mother's terminal illness, as she slowly discovers that her beauty and happiness lies within; of how precious she is. For the second eldest sister, Sonata, the snowflake reveals the uniqueness in each and every human being. A shining example of compassion, she remains single and travels the world, trying to save mankind one person at a time through her work with UNICEF. For married Melody, the snowflake helps her to realize that her own marriage is far more perfect and shining than the romance novel she is secretly writing, as she finally comes to appreciate the true wonder of her long-term marriage. And for Carole, the youngest, her snowflake teaches her that she is still precious and beautiful and that life must ‘go on' as she adjusts to the sorrows and struggles of being a widow.

Published by:
Whiskey Creek Press


“Snowflake Secrets is an awesome collection of stories. It shows the reader each of the sisters, who have gone on to lead separate lives, but they are still connected to each other in a way they cannot ignore. Old handmade snowflakes are the threads that tie them together, but their memories and shared experiences keep them close, as well. I really enjoyed this book. I'll probably read it again next winter. It's the perfect holiday story.” - Carly, Fallen Angel Reviews

“The crowning jewel in this anthology is Sonata. This novella alone is worth the price of the book several times over. If it is not great literature, then surely it must be a very close cousin. Christie Shary paints a life of a middle-aged woman coming to grips with her own internal conflict, revolving around distrust of parents versus the love of a family, sexual gratification versus dedication, and the craving to make a difference to the entire world. The author does this masterfully and consistently between the conversations with Sonata's family and Sonata's own writings and musings. In Melody, Luanna Rugh portrays the life of a full-satisfied middle-aged wife, re-learning, along with her husband, the passion and bittersweet cycle of life and death. Melody learns again the truism for a husband in love; there are no length of steps nor a time too long for him to please his wife. And that losing a mother does not mean losing yourself. Lorna Collins shows us with Allegra that for the heroine, even a middle-aged woman can find herself wrapped up in the Cinderella fairytale, only more modernized. A bad marriage come and gone, a high school sweetheart that turns out to be a very rich prince. All that is missing are the pots and pans. Sherry Derr-Wille starts off conveying us to Carole, a middle-aged widow who needs guidance and work. But in short order she too wanders off reality, showing more than one gazillionaire lives in the same tiny town in Colorado, with the head of the company taking interest in Carole right away and overwhelming her with riches. ” - Michael D. Johnson, Poet, Author and Columnist Sage Fire Reviews


Sonata's Story, from Snowflake Secrets, was a finalist in the 2008 EPPIE Awards.