Christie Shary

Poetry - East Millcreek Canyon Three Days After Dan's Death

East Millcreek Canyon Three Days After Dan's Death

The day begins at the cemetery.
Two parents folded in each other's arms
Upon their dead son's grave,
Where yesterday's flowers wilt from the morning sun.
Then on past Olympus High School where the marquee
Says, 'We love you Thomas,' from friends still sad.

But the canyon beckons with its fall spectrum
As the car winds up the twisted, snake-like road Choked with scarlet-colored maples and yellow iced aspens,
All glistening in the morning sunlight.

East Mill Creek scurries down the hillside Leaping over rocks and resting logs
Its alluring shiny bubbles finally beckoning me to stop,
To drink of its refreshing mist.

"Peace I ask of thee, oh river," I hum
From childhood memories, suddenly fresh.
"I love to wander in the mountains."
The purple-blue heights of the Rocky Mounrtains
Stare down at me,
Comfort me at the water's edge.
I feel like a small child within their great arms,
So warm and comforting,
As I look up at the flawless blue sky.

I bend to the stream and drink greedily
Until my belly almost bursts with fullness.
The water is clear, cold, and sparkling.

I cross the creek on slippery rocks and climb up
To a sunlit meadow.
It holds the last bouquet of lingering summer wildflowers. I find a thicket in the center of this meadow,
Encircled by the powerful reds and yellows of autumn.

I go there to rest and meditate about the past few day's events.
A dead spring fawn lies on the dried out grass.
And I can only ask myself "Why?"