Christie Shary

Poetry - Reflections

Reflections - January 16, 1991

I gaze across the lake at sunrise.
Ripples on the water reflect the pinks, blue and golds
Of early morning.
Willows and pampas grass bend on the shoreline
As birds welcome the day from their tree-top perches.
The Saddleback silhouettes stand proud and undefeatable Against the brightening sky as the sun spills into their canyons.

Yet I have such an empty, lonely feeling...

Across the sea, in another world
It is the dark of a moonless night.
The innocent dash for shelters as bomb bursts
Splash the sky and crash onto the land,
Digging deep, bottomless pits,
Destroying thousands of years of civilization.

"The liberation of Kuwait has begun," says President Bush.
Yet Saddam Hussein remains defiant, claiming Allah is on his side
While the President is optimistic that our troops will triumph.
Peace protestors carry their banners,
Yet cling to each other in shock,
While supporters wave their flags,
Cheering on the troops.

And my own two sons wait in war's shadows...

Vietnam resurfaces in my memory.
The pain, the remembrance, they will always be thee.
He is standing in the morning sunlight,
Blond, tall, barely a man,
Yet dressed in the dull olive green of uniform.

Knowing that death may come...

His squad rushes for the cover of the jungle
As bullets ricochet around them.
War is once more 'real.'
I feel his presence now more than ever. He has died again.

For what?
"Freedom," they said.
This time they die for oil.
But somewhere a mother cries
Somewhere a young bride is alone...