Christie Shary

Poetry - Reflections Standing Before the Berlin Wall

Reflections Standing Before the Berlin Wall

The rain weeps softly against the stark, cold concrete,
Ugly symbol of the Iron Curtain, the Cold War,
Warden of one million.
Tiny rivulets of water dribble across the red,
Greens, blacks and yellows of graffiti
Reading Deutchland, Bundes Republik,
And 'God Loves You.'
All on the backdrop of painted suns and palm trees,
And shaded faces with sad brown eyes.

Abandoned guard towers stand like sentinels
For twenty-six miles in the chilling barren
Confines of 'No-Man's Land,'
Locking the heart of a city within their grip.
'Shaundmaur,' The Wall of Shame,
Topped with twisted, tangled barbed wire,
A trial to the conscience of Europe
A sad reminder of division.

Church bells toll in the distance beyond the shrapnel-scarred
Apartment houses with bared windows.
Sounds of long-ago bullets still echo beyong 'The Wall'
After spilling the blood of hundreds,
Their smoke still lingering in the grayness of the sky.
A mother and her son approach 'Checkpoint Charlie,'
Their footsteps plodding along the wet pavement.
A sliver of sunshine breaks through the black clouds
Hanging low overhead.
The child carries a hammer and chisel and he is smiling.
'Mowe,' his mother whispers, patting his head. 'Peace.'