Christie Shary

Poetry - Romeo and Juliet of Central Park

Romeo and Juliet of Central Park

Raindrops fell muted on the
Spring of green grass
Your matching eyes
Lit with love's zest
As we glowed like fireflies
On a warm July night.

We, the 'Romeo and Juliet'
Of Central Park,
Kissed, embraced,
I shined full red
Like the poppies
In Grandmother's garden
Warmed by a full day's sun.

You laughed at me
With sensuous teasing
On your lips.
I took one look and cried
Like my mother's child
Still young.

You begged forgiveness,
As sad as the homely puppy
In Shrineberg's Pet Store,
As my warm tears stained
The linen graduate handkerchief
Sent from your Aunt Ruth in Chicago.

In good pity I fogave
And we hugged again
Folding our bodies
On the damp quietness of the grass
To love.