Christie Shary

Poetry - Valentine's Day 1995

Valentine's Day 1995

We sit at the Valentine table covered
With festive red hearts and doilies.
Together, yet alone.
Three widows, an abandoned wife.

Each thinks of past loves, now withered,
Gone like the golden autumn leaves,
Like the dusty pages in our wedding albums.

We drink champagne from silver-stemmed glasses
Meant for honeymoons, anniversaries, starlit nights.
But there are no stars tonight.
The rain trinkles down the windows
Like icicles on a cold, winter day.

The bubbling liquid in our glasses
Becomes rancid, like the taste of bitter currants.
The heart-shaped macaroni salad grows
Soggy on our plates,
The salmon sticks to our throats.

We try to hold back tears,
Talk about trivialities,
But our minds are far away,
In the realm of distant happy days.

We watch as the red candles burn low,
They signal it is time for sleep,
A time for love.
And I have never felt so alone...