Christie Shary

Traveler's Tales - Pink and White Paradise

Pink and White Paradise

We were tired. After spending three days in smog-filled, crime-laden, and congested Mexico City, we were ready for something else. Someplace special, quiet and romantic.

We found that place in Acapulco, Mexico-at Las Brisas-The Breezes, in Spanish. A very special hotel indeed; one of the great famous 'getaways' in the world. In fact in Acapulco's heyday during the Fifties and Sixties, the world's jetset flocked to its beautiful Pacific shores just as frequently as to the French Riveria. The stars of Hollywood, such as Errol Flynn, Johnny 'Tarzan' Weismuller, Liza Minella, and Sylvester Stallone came here to get away from the camera. Frank Sinatra's 'Rat Pack' loved to hang out at Las Brisas, as well, and Elizabeth Taylor married Mike Todd here.

So we two 'no name' Californians were definitely in a place of celebrities, which we quickly gleaned from the 'Wall of Fame' in the lobby, and that they are still likely to drop into the hotel seeking privacy. But it wasn't celebrities we were after that weekend. We were after peace and quiet and clean air.

And from the moment we were whisked to the glass-enclosed lobby overlooking spectacular Acapulco Bay in one of the hotel's traditional pink and white jeeps, we knew we were in for a special treat.

First on the menu, frozen margaritas-pink, of course. no need to stand in line to register. They come to you. Then onto another pink Jeep and up we went along the terraced hillside covered with coconut palms, jungle, a cascading waterfall, and, of course, pink hibiscus. Nestled among all this beauty were little casitas-small Mexican style houses with red tile roofs-one of which would soon be ours. At least for two days it would be.

As we entered our casity through its very own hibiscus-strewn gate that said Bienvenidos, Pase Usted (welcome, please come in) it was like going into the Garden of Eden. And the hibiscus blooms didn't end here. They continued on into our casita, placed upon the table, scattered across the bed, and on the floor of the shower.

Opening the wooden shutters at the far end of our room, were we ever in for a surprise. Before us was our very own private swimming pool, complete with red, white and pink (of course) floating hibiscus, brilliant in the sunlight against the blue tile pool. Included with this pool was a perfect view of Acapulco Bay, far below, and the surrounding green mountains. It was like being on top of the world.

What a wonderful hilltop hideaway we had found! No wonder Las Brisas is called one of the most romantic hotels in the world, a favorite of celebrities seeking privacy, honeymooners, and now us.

We settled into our casita very quickly with the help of a maid and bellhop. And it wasn't two minutes until we were splashing around in our flower-filled pool like a couple of little kids. It was a warm tropical day and the water felt so cool against our skin.

Come sunset, we were dressed in our pink robes, sitting at the pink umbrella-covered table at the edge of our patio, which hung over the cliffs. Appetizers and drinks were about to arrive. Were we ever surprised when they were served by our own waiter, who balanced his try in one hand while driving up the hillside. As soon as he placed a pink tablecloth and candles on our table, out came the cevishe Acapulco Is famous for, served with totopas (chips) and salsa Mexicana (that's fresh salsa), and topped off with a heaping bowl of fresh guacamole. A pitcher of the hotel's famous pink margaritas accompanied this, of course.

As the sun sank into the Pacific, the water below us took on a golden glow, followed by a deep purple. Then the lights of Acapulco took over, twinkling on one by one, until the entire hillsides around the bay were illuminated. It was a most beautiful sight, probably somewhat enhanced by the pitcher of margaritas. It was a moment we wanted to last forever; one of those that come too seldom in life.

We held hands across the table for a few minutes until we decided to drop our robes and pop into the pool again-this time naked. The water was so still, so sun-warmed, the flowers floating like little sailboats upon it.

After washing our hair with our very own 'pink' shampoo, and getting dressed, we pushed the pink flower button on our telephone and soon our chauffer arrived with a Jeep and took us halfway down the hillside to the outstanding Bella Vista restaurant. Here we sat under the stars, which hung like tiny lanterns in the night sky. Our candlelit, flower-garnished table sat on the edge of the cliffs overlooking Acapulco Bay, which glimmered far below. A gentle breeze cooled us as we listened to the trio play soft Mexican love songs. It could not have been a more romantic place.

Only one problem. We had eaten so many appetizers that we were not very hungry. That didn't seem to concern the staff even one bit, for our dinner kept on coming and coming and coming. First the lobster bisque arrived, then the seafood raviolis; next the hotel's famous saffron-scented paella, filled with clams, mussels, shrimp and chicken. To top it all off, we savored a very special chocolate soufflŽ and homemade vanilla helado, ice cream, our favorite.

Feeling like two stuffed clams ourselves after all that food, we decided we'd 'hoof' it back up the mountainside in lieu of a pink Jeep ride. The cobbled road was steep and lit only by torches and moonlight. All around us were the sounds and the smells of the jungle-guava, mango, hibiscus-and the soothing sounds of the waves below us.

By the time we reached our casita, we certainly felt our age, but were certain that we had burned off at least a part of our dinner calories. We were also in for another surprise. Our casita had been transformed during our absence. Soft Oriental music drifted beneath the door. Stepping inside, the lights were turned low. A single candle burned on the flower-covered table. Of course the bed was turned down, complete with hibiscus flowers on each corner and cupid chocolates on our pillows, our nightclothes laid out.

When we crawled into bed after an alfresco moonlight swim, it was like being on a giant powder puff. In fact, our bed was so comfortable that it was like sleeping on our very own cloud. You can imagine what happened next.

Needless to say, we awoke the next morning early, yet totally rested. When we open our 'magic box'-that the small door next to the entry door-there was our breakfast! On a flower-laden tray was a fresh pot of coffee, tropical fruit, and some baked goodie.

We enjoyed our breakfast on the patio beside the pool, dipping in its coolness every so often. Of course by this time our pool was complete with more fresh hibiscus blossoms. No wonder Las Brisas uses 5,250 fresh flowers each day at the hotel!

Now the neighbors beside us seemed to be enjoying their breakfast even more. They were eating completely naked while lounging on their day bed. We figured out that they must be French as it didn't seen to bother them one bit that we were only about twenty-five feet away from them.

Muffling our giggles, we turned our attention to the view below us-much better, in fact. We were feeling so totally refreshed that we could not imagine how it could get any better.

That was before we spent the day at the hotel's private beach club, La Concha, which was fronting the bay. Here we enjoyed a massage, swimming and eating freshly-caught mariscos-that's seafood, in their palapa-covered restaurant. But our perfect say had to come to an end. But we were now ready for the onslaught of busy Orange County, California, our home.

Although we would be leaving this beautiful pink paradise world of Las Brisas the next morning, it was not without very special memories. One thing we knew for certain. We would someday return.